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History articles by Paul Harden
Socorro County Historical Society
Socorro, New Mexico, USA
El Camino Real trail
North of Socorro, East side of river
Piro Indians and Native American history
Teipana Pueblo (the first Socorro)
   Part 1 (History of Teipana - the first Socorro)    
   Part 2 (Excavation of the Teipana pueblo)
Apache Warriors
   Part 1 (Cochise, Nana, Victorio, Mangas Coloradas)
   Part 2 (Final surrender, Florida/Ft. Sill, Apache today)
El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
History of the famous Spanish trail
El Camino Real
   Part 1     Part 2
What's in a Name? (Geneology of New Mexico names)
   Part 1      Part 2
Legend of the Blue Nun
Spanish Colonial history (1600-1800s)
See also El Camino Real trail history
Mission churches
   Part 1     Part 2
Legend of La Llorona
La Pastorela ( La Posadas y Pastorelas
NM Foods (where did New Mexico's food come from?)
Territorial History (1846–1912 statehood)
Civil War in New Mexico
   Part 1     Part 2
The Texan Retreat
The Armendaris Land Grant and Ranch
Cremony's Ride
Territorial Saloons (by Robert Eveleth & Paul Harden)
   Part 1 (Early Socorro saloons through Prohibition)   
   Part 2 (History of the Biavachi/Capital Bar)
The Crown Mill
   Part 1 (History of the mill and Greenwald family)
   Part 2 (Photos & drawings of inside the mill)
The Mexican Revolution
Emigrant Trails
   Part 1 (Oregon-California & Mormon trails)
   Part 2 (Mormon Battalion; Brewsterites in Socorro)
Outlaws, Lawmen, Crimes, Mysteries 
Murder at Mogollon
Belen Train Robbery/Bronco Bill
Death of an Editor 
Cold Cases (unsolved crimes around Socorro County)
   Part 1      Part 2
New Mexico Rangers
Haunted Socorro
   Part 1 (Valverde, Court House, Post Office, etc.)     
   Part 2 (Highway ghosts, Stallion Site, Carthage, etc.)
Buried and Lost Treasure Stories
Lost Adams Diggings
   Part 1     Part 2
Buried Treasure (stories around Socorro County)
Socorro County Towns
Fraley (Fraley, Carthage & Tokay mining towns)
           (by Robert Eveleth)
San Marcial floods (destruction in 1929 & 1937)
Ghost Towns of Socorro County
   Part 1 (east side of the river)
   Part 2 (west side of the river)
Historic Characters
Cremony's Ride
Railroad History
Abo Pass
Western Union and the Railroad Telegraphers
Paul's monthly history articles appeared in Socorro's
El Defensor-Chieftain newspaper on the first weekend issue of the month (with few exceptions) for 10 years from 2003 through 2013.

Articles ceased in April 2013 due to limited space when the Chieftain went to a weekly publication .
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Early Statehood History (1912–1950s)
History of "M" mountain (by Robert Eveleth)
Ocean-to-Ocean highway (US-60)
Recent History (WWII–present)
B17 (1942 crash on North Baldy Peak)
The Trinity Test (and witnesses in Socorro)
Time capsule (buried 1965 in Socorro's plaza)
The Socorro UFO (The Lonnie Zamora story)
Loma Theater - (History of Gem and Loma Theaters)
Titanic (History of the disaster for 100th anniversary
             and the Socorro connection)
Articles without a link will be added soon.
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