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Socorro County Historical Society
Socorro, New Mexico, USA
Manzanares Street, 1886
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Ada was a nursing, living and working in 1920s Magdalena, later in Socorro.
In the very early days of SCHS, in the 1970s, Board members wisely conducted a series of interviews with some of Socorro's pioneer and prominent families. The unedited transcripts of the tape recorded interviews are found below.

These oral histories are a unique and valuable "first person" view of much of the life and history in and around Socorro from the end of the Terrirorial days, early Statehood, and into the 1950s.
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Born 1906 - orphaned - went to Socorro convent - life in San Antonio 1940s - the Carthage mines - San Marcial 1929 flood -
Interviewed by: Gladys Long, 1973
Lived in Reserve, Alma - Great Blizzard of 1988 - dealings with Apache - cattle ranches - Elfego Baca
Interviewed by:
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1972
Married in 1921, Annie's sharp memory of early 1900s Socorro paints a nice picture of life and activities around the county in that era.
Interviewed by: Gladys Long, 1977
Born in Kelly 1895 - lived in Rosedale - married 1912 - husband worked in the mines - Mogollon - Magdalena in 1940s - Road to Socorro
Interviewed by: Helen Sickles, 1977
Father William started Hammel Brewery 1882 - Clarence born Socorro 1898 - last owner of Hammel Brewery & Ice House - history of brewery - Prohibition wiped out family
Interviewed by: Holm Bursum, Jr., 1974
McDonald Ranch famous for Trinity Site/atomic bomb and his later stand against Army - born Tularosa 1901 - Fountain murder - old time ranchers
Interviewed by: Gladys Long, 1973
Came to Socorro to escape the 1930s dust bowl - worked as a chef - TB Sanitarium - established Davy Jones Locker restaurant - on City Council
Interviewed by: Gladys Long, 1973
Father built & ran saloon in Kelly - cattle drives to Magdalena - hangin' tree - discussions and locations of many Socorro businesses 1960s
Interviewed by: Ellen Davis, 1973
Born 1901 in Rosedale - big ranching family - cattle business in Magdalena - built Ft. Craig service station in 1937 - met Apache Kid - 1906 earthquake
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Father was rancher, sheriff, mayor and politician Holm Bursum - Pappy also successful rancher, businessman (started First State Bank) and mayor for 22 years
Interviewed by: Ellen Davis, 1973
Came to Socorro 1898 - father was District judge - describes old Court House - Elfego Baca - Poncho Villa - describes many old homes and businesses
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Born Socorro 1908 - grandfather built Crown Mill - local coal mines - operation of Crown Mill - later lumber mill - witness to 1929 flood - French Quarters - gypsys
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Born Polvadera - grew up Evergreen Ranch and old Zimmerman flour mill - married, moved to Mogollon - building Sarracino Hall in Polvadera
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Father was railroad engineer in Raton - arrived Socorro 1910 - then San Marcial 1911 until 1929 flood - Paul bought ranch 1921 - 53 mi. from Socorro - life on a ranch
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1973
Came to Socorro 1923 to manage the new Gem Theater - razing Park Hotel - winter 1924 snow storm - 1929 flood - Post Master 1930-40s -
Interviewed by: Manuel Padilla, 1972
Nephew to Elfego Baca - life long miner from Kelly to coal at Carthage - San Antonio coke ovens - Elfego and Pancho Villa - other Elfego Baca stories
Interviewed by: Sue Little, 1972
Parents with the Donner Party - later come to Socorro - Mary was a school teacher in Socorro, Lemitar and Luis Lopez - discussed other community involvement
Holm Bursum, Jr.
John Greenwald, Sr.
David Jones, Jr.
Dave McDonald
Clarence Hammel
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