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SCHS Armendaris Tour
Sept. 26, 2015
Kelly Gatlin's Armendaris photos on Flikr here (higher resolution) 
More Kelly Gatlin/La Luz Photography on Flikr here
tour002041.jpg tour002040.jpg tour002039.jpg tour002038.jpg tour002037.jpg tour002036.jpg tour002035.jpg tour002034.jpg tour002033.jpg tour002032.jpg
We were very fortunate to have a couple of professional
photographers on this tour. Here's a few of their photos.
Photos by Colleen Gino
The old Bruton ranch
An ornx on the Armendaris
makes a nice pose
A nice sunset
while leaving the ranch
Colorful sunset behind
the San Mateo mountains
Colleen Gino's Armendaris photos on Flikr here (higher resolution)
More of Colleen's New Mexico photos here 
Photos by Kelly Gatlin, La Luz Photography
Interesting locking mechanism
at Armendaris north gate
Lava Camp - an old ranch
house on the Armendaris
An ornx on the Armendaris
keeping an eye on the tour
Atop Black Mesa overlooking
San Marcial & Valverde
Tour vehicles on the climb up
Black Mesa
The rising moon at sunset
at the Bruton Ranch
Peggy Hardman's photos
tour002030.jpg tour002029.jpg tour002028.jpg tour002027.jpg tour002026.jpg tour002025.jpg
Visiting the old WPA built
school house at Valverde
Exploring the nearly forgotten
Valverde cemetery
Arriving at Lava Camp
SCHS Board member Roy
walks the tracks at Lava Siding
Our lunch stop at Paraje -- only
shade on the Jornada del Muerto
The rising moon at sundown
over the Oscura Mountains
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Paul Harden's photos
tour002022.jpg tour002021.jpg tour002020.jpg tour002019.jpg tour002018.jpg
The wet summer has made for a beautiful desert
Guide Peggy describing the Valverde townsite
Ruins of the Valverde church
Ruins of the 1937 WPA
built school house
The auto tour caravan
at Paraje Fra Cristobal
The locked North Gate seems to be a favorite photo stop
At Mesa Camp, the Northern ranch gate about sundown
Sunset and rising moon at the old Bruton Ranch
Unscheduled tour stop to admire the sunset
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Exploring Socorro's history with "boots on the ground"
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